Frequently asked Questions


What does the entry fee cover?

The entry fee of $180.00 covers entrance into the overall age division title, as well as all eight optional competitions; no additional fees, everything is included. Every contestant will receive a tiara, trophy and cinch sack. All monies submitted are non-refundable. 


What do I wear?

Any short or long dress of your choosing.


How many times do I go on stage?

Each age division as a group, will line up so the judges will be able to see the entire group for the optional categories. Ages three years and younger (Baby, Tiny & Tiny-Tot) must be accompanied by an adult, then this adult will give an  introduction for their child in the contestant line up. Contestants in the second grouping (Precious, Darling, Sweetheart & Pre-teen) will walk alone and introduce themselves at the microphone during the contestant lineup.  After the group lineup each contestant will present themselves inidvidually on stage for the final stage of competition for the overall title in their division.   


What is the individual judging criteria?

For queens court contestant will be judged in three different categories; overall appearance, confidence on stage, and presentation.  Please keep in mind that judges perspective plays a large role in the final selection.  For optional awards that is 100% based on judges opinion. Each contestant must be a natural born female.


Are there optional awards?

Yes, the judges will be selecting winners for each of the optional awards; prettiest eyes, prettiest smile, prettiest gown, photogenic, prettiest hair, best personality, and fabulous face.  The directors will choose one optional award, and that is the spirit award . The winners of each optional award will receive an additional banner.


Does each contestant get a prize?

Yes, every contestant will receive a tiara, cinch sack,  and trophy. Contestants that place in the queens court

(top 5) will receive a tiara, sash, and trophy. Overall winners in each division will receive a crown, a satin rhinestone sash, a large trophy.


Is pageant experience required?

No.  At the Little Miss Alaska Pageant we are eager to create a fun, positive experience, for Alaska's young girls to learn the value of pageantry at a young age.


Do I have to submit a headshot?

Yes, you can attach your headshot to the registration form you submit on our website or email it to


How much is the entry?

The entry fee is $180.00 and that can be paid via paypal or cash. This fee includes a pageant cinch sack, tiara, trophy and entry into all of the optional awards. Each contestant will also receive one free ticket for their parent/guardian to attend the pageant.


If I win, what is the time commitment?

It is completely up to the parents on what they would like to do for their child as far as appearances.  Approval must be made by the director.  Contestants are not required  to have the title for a year and may compete in other pageant systems.  We  will set up a few appearances that will be optional. 


Does it cost to attend the pageant?

Yes, tickets are $10.00 per adult and $5.00 for children under the age of 12.  Lap infants are free.


Is makeup allowed?

This is a NON-GLITZ pageant!  Non-Glitz means no; flippers, hair pieces, false lashes, and heavy theatrical makeup.  We would like to keep this pageant as natural as possible, but understand that every little girls wants to dress and feel like princess.  So please do not let this limit you on how fancy the dress is you choose.  No makeup for contestants under the age of 10.  LIGHT makeup is allowed for our pre-teen division: a touch of lip gloss and mascara is appropriate. If makeup is too heavy it will reflect in scoring.


Can I compete more than once in my age division?

              If you don't win your over all age division, you may compete again. Once you have won your overall division you may only compete again, once you age up to the next                       division. 


Do I have to wear a contestant number?

Yes, the pageant will provide you will a contestant number, to pin to your gown.


Is there a sister discount?

Yes, your first child is $180.00 if you have a second child that sibling is $150.00, a third child is $125.00 and every child after. The siblings must be from the same family.


Do you allow props on stage?

No we do not. 



Please read this page in it's entirety before applying. 

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